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Captain Smiley
14th Sep 2001, 23:38
The White House has said that Air Force 1 was also a target and this is why it took so long to fly from Florida. Surely they don't expect us to believe that the terrorists were going to seek out, find and destroy a 747 using another commercial aircraft. Were they going to ask New York center for vectors to the intercept and what about the protected airspace that normally surrounds the President's aircraft. I think Bush was probably locked in the bathroom and didn't want to come out.

15th Sep 2001, 00:08
Report in UK newspaper( The Independent) today suggets that the terrorists knew eough anout AF1 trans codes and AF1 produrwa to convince ATC.....hence evacuation of White House.

Here in the UK there is a site for pro flyers which gives details of all the flights of our "Queens Flight"......ie Royals, goverment ministers et al..........e-mail for details if you want ...... are we talking stoopid here or what ?