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Yak Hunt
6th Sep 2001, 12:09
This is pure crew room gossip!!!
BA are still pursuing a merger with KLM, due to poor UK employment laws it will be BA that will bear the brunt with 600 Pilots to go. I hope this is not true, it would be bad news for everybody.

Before anybody starts rattling on about the other 1800 staff redundancies - this is a Pilot's forum!!!

Bad Karma

6th Sep 2001, 14:12
Making fewer crews per aircraft when they are needing to recruit to cover retirements? Unless KLM are overstaffed, I think you are hearing porkies.

6th Sep 2001, 14:37
Yak Hunt,

This isn't just a pilot's forum unless I've grossly misunderstood something. Indeed as it says on the homepage:

"Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Cabin Crew, Operations, Crewing and Rostering staff are also welcome as well as anybody else with a connection or interest in professional aviation."

Apologies for veering briefly from the subject.



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