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Ranger One
8th May 2004, 20:12
From the BBC:

A new international airport in Tehran has been closed on security grounds, shortly after it opened with the landing of the first foreign plane.

Iran's armed forces permitted only one flight from Dubai to land at the Imam Khomeini airport (IKIA), the official Irna news agency reported.

Airport officials were accused of ignoring a ban on "foreign groups" at the airport, south-west of the capital.

The airport was build and was expected to be run by a Turkish-Austrian firm.

It is designed to replace the city's congested Mehrabad airport

The new airport - located about 45km (30 miles) south of Tehran - had proved to be controversial even before it opened.

Turkish-Austrian consortium Tepe-Akfen-Vie (TAV) controlled the airport, but Iran's two domestic airlines had said they would not transfer their operations to the airport run by foreigners.

Saturday's statement by Iran's armed forces said the decision to entrust the airport's operation to a foreign company "threatens the security of the country as well as its dignity".

"Unfortunately airport officials took this untimely decision without taking into account either security constraints or the Supreme Council law on national security banning the use of foreign forces," the statement said.

It added that the airport "was closed until further notice".

The other five scheduled Saturday's flights were diverted to Mehrabad in central Tehran.

Sick Squid
8th May 2004, 22:45
Interesting.. I've flown into Tehran many times; always found the Air Traffic very good, with the major problem being the IFR overflights doing full position reports on the approach frequency as you are trying to descend. Apart from that, a fairly normal operation....

8th May 2004, 23:40
I had an official tour around the new IKIA airport over a month ago, its a wonderful place, kinda small but an extremely well developed airport. The initial flights were supposed to be to DXB by IR/EK, so I guess that the airport was closed after the first EK flight. Unfortunately I suspect that this has nothing to do with security, but kickbacks…….

Sick Squid, also toured the Iranian ATC facility, their major gripe is that no-body comes to offer their point of view. We were the first foreign airline to actually sit down with them to discuss procedures. Suggest that your airline goes to visit them.