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7th May 2004, 12:19
Captain Richard Pickles passed away last night in his home in Madrid.

Captain Pickles had distinguished career with Royal Navy, Laker, Caledonian, Singapore Airlines and lately Air Atlanta Icelandic.

My condolences to all the family and friends.


7th May 2004, 12:31
havent had time to answer his last mail
no more richard,its not fair
rest in peace

7th May 2004, 14:44
Ahhhh Richard .....
I got on with him very well, I wish I could have seen him again.

He'll be missed.

Tarek Nor
7th May 2004, 21:48
The George Hotel will never be the same.

A great bloke, who will be missed.



7th May 2004, 22:08
With sincere condolences.

Vala F. Fouroohi

7th May 2004, 22:16
Richard was a fine gentleman, formidable instructor and a pleasure to fly with.


no sig
7th May 2004, 22:28
My Condolences to the family.

Richard was always a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

The 'Commander' as we Ops bods refered to him with fondness in the BCAL Charter days, he will be missed.

8th May 2004, 01:35
Farewell my dear Friend.

I will never forget those extended "sessions" in the numerous Tappas Bars we frequented in Madrid.

Capitán feliz Pickles de los aterrizajes.

8th May 2004, 23:50
Knew Richard in both Laker and SIA, this is very sad news.

R.I.P. Richard.

Anyone know the cause of death? Richard wasn't that old.

9th May 2004, 09:45
Unfortinately there are no details yet as to what happened. Richard was supposed to fly the line starting shortly.

Will miss him.


Flight Detent
9th May 2004, 11:14
I wholeheartedly agree, a very fine gentleman, I always found him a challenge in the Classic B747 simulator, and extremely pleasant to fly with, what a character he was.

Though I haven't seen Richard recently, I will miss him greatly!!

Whats the world coming to - now with no 'Commander'!

He always had a kind word, and a good joke.

With very great respect,

(You're right about the George Hotel in Crawley)

With sincere condolences,


Laker Liker
9th May 2004, 15:58
What a loss to aviation. I flew as flight engineer with Richard on Laker and Calair - he will be sadly missed.

Regards from an ex crab,


10th May 2004, 06:57
What a sad co-incidence I was talking to some FAA colleagues about him the other day . Richard flew with my father back in the Laker days and it prompted my father, ex RAF, to comment to me that FAA pilots were better than RAF.
Richard lived in Horsham in those days, not far from the park, and I remember listening to his stories of deck landings in F4's. Richard was a mate of my Dad's but I do recall being struck as to what a nice chap he was. Richard say hello to Keith for me.

12th May 2004, 09:07
Dear Richard,

Although I haven't seen you for some years, I'll never forget the time I flew with you to KL, and the time we had at the Hard Rock Cafe there. Also a few pints in Madrid a few years later. Your enjoyment of the jokes we shared as well. I wish I could have flown with you more. My regards to your family for their loss. I will never forget you.

12th May 2004, 15:01
Did most of my sims with Richard and also a few beers in Crawley. Will miss him greatly.

Godspeed, Richard.


12th May 2004, 20:31
My name is Duncan, I am Richards first son.

I wanted to say how touching your comments are to myself and my family. He was, very obviously, a respected. Loved and very missed friend.

He died of a heart attack at home with his Spanish wife Beatriz.

The funeral, taken by the bishop of Madrid no less, was on Sunday at 15.00 BST and he was cremated on Sunday at 16.15 BST.

A great deal of his family were there and some of his good friends were there.

I also believe that whilst he was visited by some Air Atlanta staff and I thought that was very touching.

My fondest memories of his flying days are wide and varied.

From sitting in, and flying in, the jump seat on Laker DC10 to Florida. Going in the lift in the DC10. I always preferred the DC10 to the Tri-Star, which my friends always said was the same. I think it was because Laker had DC10’s and BA had Tri-Stars.

Sitting in the cockpit on a 1-11 going to Lisbon and coming back the same day.

Also spending time in the some with Chris White and having a great time. When given the controls I got a little cocky and then it all went very wrong. Richard shouted “I’ve got it” and took control and I just thought to myself. “Wow this old fella is bloody good with planes!!.”

Planes and flyling were a huge part of his life.

He was married 18 months ago to the lovely Beatriz in the mountains surrounding Madrid. A beautiful Black Tie bash in the setting Sun. An event which made John Freudeman (hope that is ok) to remark, (best pronounced in a South African accent) “ Richard I can’t believe you have made me look like a bloody penguin!”

He was a wonderful man in many ways and I shall miss a great deal.

To all of the friends and family that were subject to his wonderful Spanish tours he was given a nickname of "Captain History". Having been in spain for just two days I managed to get a cap made with this on. It is now proudly with me, a gift from Beatriz back to me.

We will be having a memorial service in the UK for the family and friends but as yet we do not know when.

If any of you have any memories of Richard that you think the family would like please mail me at the following address. [email protected]

Once again thank you for your kind words.


727 exec
14th May 2004, 17:38
I met Richard when I worked in 'ops' at BCal Charter/Cal Air.

Like many of us 'ops' bods, I was a keen and probably over-enthusiastic 'wannabee' - wanting to get as much knowledge from the guys doing the job that we all wanted to do. Some of the crews humoured our interest - to others, we were just there to run flight plans and pass out the allowances...

I remember a trip to Toronto and Orlando with Richard. Always the gentleman (he'd bid you a pleasant hello and thank you), he took the time to explain the complexities of the North Atlantic to me and then made sure that I was included in the crew entertainment at the hotel.

Always a pleasure to be with - always a Gentleman.

Thank you Richard.

Beatriz Pickles
30th May 2004, 19:20
My name is Beatriz Pickles.
I am Richard´s wife, and I would like to thank all of you for such beautiful words about him.
There is no need to say that they have touched my heart and will give me strengh to go on in this dificoult moment of my life.
Richard was a fantastic gentelman, an excelent friend, a wonderful husband and a very admired pilot.
I am very glad that he also had a lot of friends around the world, as I can see now.
He was full of life, we had so many plans and projects, but a sudden heart attack, took that away radically. Life is very unfair!
If any of you would like to contact me, pls do so at: [email protected]. I would apreciate memories and histories lived with him.
Many thanks again
Beatriz Pickles

31st May 2004, 19:06
Richard, Beatriz, Duncan et al,

Such a sad loss, and as has been mentioned afore, tragically unfair!

Richard, you were the finest "Commander" I have ever flown with and for. The stories, from Phantoms and Gannets to Jumbo's, were always full of humour...but always a lesson embedded.

You told me in latter days that you would help out when the time rolled around for my Command on the 742. It saddens me to know that you won't be on the flight deck in the coming months, in the flesh.....but I shall always carry your memory with me. You were truly a gentleman and an AVIATOR to be emulated.

Goodbye and "Bon Vol", my friend......Your legacy is the hundreds of safer, more competant pilots you have produced through your untiring efforts and exacting standards, both in the simulator and, indeed, on the line.

1st Jun 2004, 01:23
I am proud to have Commander Pickles appear in my logbook. I will always remember him as a thorough checker and especially as my primary counsel on joining the demanding Air Atlanta fraternity. A true officer and a gentleman with a wicked wit. You are sadly missed mate.

29th Jun 2004, 13:00
"Sir" Richard was a great friend,I met whilst based in Madrid and I was with AAI maintenace a great Man with a great sense of humour.
Dave McG.