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14th Sep 2001, 21:04
Air Canada flight # 984 has just made an emergency landing at Toronto because of a fire in the cabin (?) blowing all tyres and deploying the chutes upon touchdown. A number of pax have been hospitalized with smoke inhalation injuries during evacuation.

Squawk 8888
14th Sep 2001, 22:12
TORONTO (CP) -- An Air Canada jet made
an emergency landing at Pearson International
Airport on Friday afternoon, after the smell of oil
was noticed in the cockpit, CFRB radio
Passengers had to leave the Boeing 757 by
emergency chutes, the Toronto radio station

14th Sep 2001, 23:39
AC and a 757 ???

15th Sep 2001, 01:20
CBC radio is reporting the plane as a Kingston, Jamaica 767. No mention yet on CBC web-site

Squawk 8888
15th Sep 2001, 08:30
Saw the report on CFTO-TV, it was a 767 bound for Kingston. Pilot returned after low oil warning, after landing one engine on fire, quickly extinguished. Some minor injuries during evacuation.