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Capt PPRuNe
14th Sep 2001, 17:24
Please can everyone try and refrain from posting new discussion threads that are not news in more relevant forums. Aircrew Notices, Tech Log, Jet Blast or Non Air Transport Issues are just a few of the forums that I am having to spend too much time moving threads to.

If you want a debate use a different forum. This one is for News and Rumours (at least credible ones).

14th Sep 2001, 17:42
You may have hit on an idea for a new forum. "Debating current issues"
What happens now, someone posts a rumour, someone confirms/denies it, debate starts.
Sometimes these debates are very pertinent and informative, I personally have learned a lot through them, so why not chuck all debates into a "debates" forum?

Tool Time
14th Sep 2001, 17:56
Er - Incredible ones? :cool:

14th Sep 2001, 21:01

Should this be in Aircrew notices :D :D :D ;) :)

Nick Figaretto
14th Sep 2001, 21:28
How about a WTC/Pentagon Attack forum? I'm sure the attack and all that it implies for aviation world wide, will be debated for years.

And I feel kind of hesistant to post other rumours and news right now. They all seem so trivial... :(


PPRuNe Radar
14th Sep 2001, 22:54
Can I also make a plea that people at least look at other threads which already exist before they start a new one. All too often over the last few days the topic has already been started in another thread.

If your's is the second thread, then I apologise, but it will be closed. There is a heavy demand on the server at the moment, having multiple threads about the same exact topic is not helping.

Stay focused and stay civil.

Thanks in anticipation.