View Full Version : KingAir C90 tech question

Medium Salsa
27th Apr 2004, 00:16
What would be the likely cause of a battery "melting"in the Beach 90 family. It was not a NiCad but a lead acid, appartenly melted down. Any hints, is this a typical problem in 90's??


Sheep Guts
27th Apr 2004, 14:58
1.Did the Battery boil dry?
2.If so are you operating in Tropical climates?
3.Does you battery get checked at least every hundred hours, maybe checking every 50 may be needed.
4.Do you do alot of start Cycles in Midday heat with no GPU?
5.Is the quality of your topping distilled water not certain?

Just a few questions as we just had the same where I work and we are analysing everything at hand. Good luck in your endeavours

Also another thing that happens with King Airs is the battery connection wire in the battery box tends to move alot over the years during servicing etc. and where it is fixed to the Battery Relay in the next compartment it can become loose. This will show as slow start speeds or intermittant operation. Once loose arcing can occurr and also incomplete charging of battery.Which can lead to high charge rates ( from which boiling can occur)which will be shown on your load meters( high abnormal readings) and also youl be taking a while to charge down to .5 load before starting the left engine than normally required.


P.S. let me know how you go? I am looking