View Full Version : Delta Flight Diverted due to Jews Praying

15th Oct 2001, 19:56
Yes, things are a little tense in the air over here...

Flight diverted because of scare

People didn't know Jewish men were only praying in back of plane

The Charlotte Observer

A Delta flight was diverted to Charlotte Sunday after passengers got nervous about two men huddled together in the back of the plane speaking a foreign language, officials said.

Initially, the airport received reports that the men were trying to break into the cockpit, Orr said. It turned out to be two Jewish men praying together in the back of the plane, he said.

The plane, on its way from Atlanta to Newark, landed at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport about noon, said Aviation Director Jerry Orr.

"By the time the plane landed here and our officer got on, the two gentlemen were back in their seats," Orr said. "It was a lot about nothing."

The plane departed for Newark at about 2:30 p.m., Orr said. The two men who were praying were rebooked on a later flight. Orr said they were "bewildered but not angry."

It was the latest example of national nervousness in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and reports of anthrax poisonings in Florida and New York...