View Full Version : E120 Brasilia flight deck door and jump seat question

15th Apr 2004, 11:52
With the requirement for regional aircraft seating 30 or more to be fitted with secure doors, how will this work on the Brasilia? The jump seat when required folds out from the floor and into the passenger cabin. So how can you fit a secure door? Does it now mean the jump seat can no longer be used?

15th Apr 2004, 12:16
Jump seat can still be used but only if an armed security guard is sitting in it !
But only rubber bullets allowed.

(Hope I don't sound too cynical)

6th May 2004, 02:46
At my airline we were required by the FAA to install the new cockpit doors just months before we retired the aircraft. The new door was farther back than the old one and could therefore accomodate a jumpseater. The jumpseat was the same, but the back rest was removed (except for a few airplanes where maintenance forgot to remove it). It gave us pilots more room in the cockpit, but it made things very tight for the flight attendant during boarding and deplaning.