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9th Apr 2004, 23:53

How do you select different EICAS pages on the 777. I know Airbuses have a neat little control panel to bring up various pages on their secondary ECAM screen, but how do Boeing do their version?

10th Apr 2004, 03:47
we call it the DSP - Display Select Panel and it's located on the Glareshield.


10th Apr 2004, 03:58
In addition to the DSP previously mentioned, certain expanded displays and abnormal checklists pop-up automatically on the normally blank lower EICAS display (not strictly EICAS system stuff, but I'm not sure if the Airbusses work this way, too).

Jet II
10th Apr 2004, 12:32
DSP - or you can select through the CDU.

11th Apr 2004, 13:54
Thanks folks,

...is obvious when you see it!

What about the 757/767?

First generation glass cockpits, is the EICAS as sophistated? Assume it must be pretty good to allow no flight engineer. Is there a similar control to the DSP?

14th Apr 2004, 03:50
older 757/767 - no DSP. Limited eicas system displays off a push button thingy (it's been a while....) giving expanded ENG, STATUS, and that's about it. On the newer ones, with Pegasus FMC's, you can get an expanded Eng display on the FMC CDU by going to MENU-ACMS-DISPLAY-ENG DATA....not well known.

Don't know about the 757-300 or the 767-400.

747-400 is much the same as the 777, without the checklists or the mousepad.

Hope this helps, 'cos it's confused the heck out of me.... ;)

14th Apr 2004, 17:31

My guess is that 753 follows 752, but 764 more akin to 777.