View Full Version : A Bit of a Laugh!

Fluke Skywalker
15th Oct 2001, 12:55
One of the things I really like about PPRuNe is the cracking names members come up with. "GuvBuster" is inspired and definitely required (sorry Guv, but it's true) and in particular our latest member "Isa Bin Laidoff" deserves a medal! :D

BTW did anyone see 2DTV on telly last night with the Talibunnies featuring Osama Bin La-La ;) Quite apt really ;)

PS Hope this is not irreverent to this forum, but there's been so much bitterness and vitriol around I thought there's got to be some room for a laugh :cool:

That's if anyone finds this at all funny... :p

16th Oct 2001, 00:57
Saw this on another site, I believe Continental pilots site.

Osoiled bed Linen :rolleyes: