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24th Apr 2001, 18:06
A question for the moderators really. Being rather new to this I am wondering what the protocol is for closing of threads. Why are some threads closed after only one or two postings and others run to multiple pages. e.g. The tailscrape at FNC (because this duplicated first posting??)or Pax boaring from viscount Sussex. Are the decisions in any way political?

24th Apr 2001, 18:12
I thought they were just closed when they were moved to a 'more appropriate' forum.

e.g. the closed "Flight Path UK" thread has the comment "This topic has been transferred to this forum: Aircrew Notices (Misc)."

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24th Apr 2001, 18:14
I'm not a moderator but I can tell you that you will find that most closed threads are either transfered to the appropriate forum (some of us post in the wrong categories) or are indeed closed because of duplication re the subject matter.

Capt PPRuNe
24th Apr 2001, 18:46
...just like this one is being closed and moved to the Questions forum.

To answer the question, there are no political motives but purely editorial ones. If everyone posted everything in one forum then it would become very difficult to scan through and it becomes cluttered.

I try to keep Rumours & News (the original PPRuNe forum) to precisely that. Occasionally I may leave something in which is not quite in the category of news if it is what I consider an interesting topic that may not have been covered before.

Many people are new to this website and don't realise that many topics have already been discussed at length. Most of the time a closed topic will have a pointer to where it has been moved or why it has been closed. Occasionally I just despair and close one without an explanation because it's just not worth getting into a slanging match and the content is usually enough to indicate why to most regulars.

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