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2nd Apr 2004, 07:04
Gulf Air plane makes emergency landing

New Delhi, April 2 (PTI): A Gulf Air passenger plane made an emergency landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here this morning after one of its engines failed.

Just before the GA-133 Dubai-Delhi flight was about to land, a snag was detected prompting the pilot to send a distress message to the Air Traffic Control at 8.15 a.m., police and airport sources said.

Full emergency was declared with fire tenders and ambulances rushing to the tarmac, they said.

The plane landed safely at 8.23 a.m., the sources said.


Bezi l
2nd Apr 2004, 10:55
Nice to see journalists getting their facts right. Gulf Air's flight code is GF, not GA... oh, and GF133 / 02 April was / is scheduled to operate Delhi to Muscat???

If there was a problem with a flight, it is a good job an experienced professional was at the helm.


2nd Apr 2004, 11:37
GF133 Delhi to Muscat 02 April developed a technical fault (the engine stopped operating) mid-air 1 hour after take off and returned back to Delhi's International Airport.

Passengers were not informed until the landing at Delhi airport as not to *excite* them. :ooh:

Emergency vehicles were on standby.

Engineers are being sent from Bombay to Delhi and will arrive approx. 1700 local time to begin repairs on the engine. Aircraft is still non-serviceable. ETD for the flight is 0000 03APR.

Passengers are currently staying in the Ashok Country Resort, Delhi. Telephone No: 00 911 126 11 01 01

The aircraft being used was routed DEL-MCT (GF133) MCT-LHR (GF003). The GF 003 from MCT-(BAH)-DEL has now changed scheduled aircraft as to not disrupt the flow of pax travelling to and out of LHR due to the Formula 1 Grand Prix being held in Bahrain.

For flights on Saturday 03 April DEL - LHR:

GF 133....DEL.MCT......0710......0835
GF 003...........LHR......1120......1755


2nd Apr 2004, 12:26
Yeah, it's always a good idea to keep your passengers in the dark following an inflight failure...!


2nd Apr 2004, 12:39
Maybe it wasn't a mechanical:}

edited to add: this response looks ridiculous now that the post above has been edited.. serves me right for not using the quote function :O

Electric Sky
2nd Apr 2004, 13:30
Anyone know the aircraft type?

ES ;)

3rd Apr 2004, 07:56
Airbus A330-200 engine was shut down by the crew due to low oil pressure. Job very well done


3rd Apr 2004, 11:48
Snails et al,

Forgive my ignorance, but if an engine has been shutdown in flight, isn't it best (if not mandatory, or is it discretionary) to inform the pax?

Find it a little bit strange that an aircraft would be allowed to proceed in "abnormal or irregular" conditions without occupants being advised.


3rd Apr 2004, 13:05
If the Captain decided not to inform passengers about the inflight shutdown he obviously followed the best course of action at that time for that specific event.
I am sure the pax were informed about the ongoing diversion caused by "whatever" reason and reasured that all was OK.

Looks to me as a job well done.

3rd Apr 2004, 14:03
no. my relative was on the flight. only after flight finals were the pax informed they were returning to Delhi

3rd Apr 2004, 15:12
The flight crew's priority gentlemen is to deal with the emergency, fly the aircraft and land safely. Making PA's to the pax as to the nature of the problem can be done on the ground. I see no need to create panic in flight.

The crew did an oustanding job and landed safely. My hat off to them.

3rd Apr 2004, 16:40

You must be flying cargo. What is the difference for the passenger if he/she will know that they are returning to Delhi now or 30 min later? Doesn't make any difference for they safety, does it?

3rd Apr 2004, 19:31
Feedback from passengers off the TECH GF133/02APR DEL-MCT about Gulf Air in Delhi is that the service is utterly utterly terrible. Ground staff don't know what they are doing and actually put the phone down on the passengers ringing from the hotels.

I know this happens in Bahrain quite often, I think we should adopt this practice in London too. Would save us time. :}

Ruddy :mad: passengers, I don't know why we need to give them information. They just have more excuse to shout at us!!! :ouch:

Ignition Override
4th Apr 2004, 01:46
And so the passengers can not hear it if an engine is shutdown?:hmm:

Some of them might be aware that something has happened? If they are not briefed about the situation, is that not insulting their intelligence a bit? Or are they treated as cattle?

4th Apr 2004, 03:48
actually, yeah, passengers can't hear if an engine is shut down, especially in those composite-body aircraft -- the whole thing gets pretty noisy. Some years ago, I was sitting between the wings of an A320 LCA-FCO when we had what to my untrained eyes, ears and body seemed like a #1 engine compressor stall on go-around followed by that engine shutting down (TOGA power, aircraft pitches up and to right, loud bang as flames shoot out the rear and front of the left engine and the whole airframe jolts to the left as if smacked by something. turn immediately stops, aircraft banks ten degrees or so left without turning. Now I'm only hearing engine noise from the right side of aircraft, along with the usual airbus racket beneath my feet). About 30 seconds afterwards, captain announced that GA was due to A/C on the runway. The passengers seemed mostly amused by the whole incident, and the predominant theory was pilot rejected landing due to his own incompetence. If there were others who knew an engine was shut down, they weren't speaking.

4th Apr 2004, 04:56
So lets all neglect the fact that the crew did a bang up job handling the emergency and string em upside down for not making a PA. Very nice.

Ah how easy it is to sit at a computer and critisize.

I do not know the facts of what PA was made when, frankly nor do I care. What I do know is a couple a colleagues had a genuine problem, they dealt with it in the best way they saw fit at the time and landed safely.
For that they have my praise.

Safe flying to all

4th Apr 2004, 14:35
...Fail to see how an inflight shut down due LOP and a single engine landing can be considered an " oustanding job " ?

4th Apr 2004, 14:48
nilnotedtks , how many real-life single engine landings have you flown? :-) ... it seems much easier when you have all your the time in the world going through the AMM to see what a problem is all about...

4th Apr 2004, 20:43
Although I am a relative novice, as still in training, I am always taught in an emergency to aviate first and everything else comes second. That, I presume, would include pa's. Surely the passengers would be more grateful that their pilots got them back safely and inform them later, rather than be distracted by informing them of a situation that they would have no control over anyway?

4th Apr 2004, 22:07
Surely the Commander would have made the CSD-equivalent ("Flight Senior" on GF?) aware of his intentions and therefore transferred the responsibility of informing pax?