View Full Version : Concorde training at Fairford

Windy Militant
24th Apr 2001, 12:09
Last night's Swindon Evening Advertiser proudly stated that after a campaign by said august journal, Concorde Flight training was to be restarted at Fairford shortly! Is somebody out there being mischievous, or just the usual high standard of journalism that we have come to know and love? ;)

Lew Ton
24th Apr 2001, 13:38
I thought Fairford's runway was being reconstructed?

24th Apr 2001, 19:00
Fairford is where the full flight concorde simulator is.

Do not expect Concorde touch 'n goes on the runway !



Windy Militant
24th Apr 2001, 19:47
Thanks Triple B, didn't know that they still had the sim at Fairford. Shame about the circuits 'N' bumps make a change from Alberts 'N' VC 10's nice as it is to see them about.

hereford united
24th Apr 2001, 20:36
Dont you mean Filton, where it was built, rather than Fairford, in Gloucestershire (I think?).

24th Apr 2001, 22:41
BBB The only Concorde simulator in the UK is at Filton (Bristol).

Windy Militant I don't think a decision on a base for Concorde test flying has been decided yet, and, for what it's worth, I've heard other airfields being mentioned.

I wonder whether one of our Swindon based Flight Engineers has been playing a little joke on your august journal!

25th Apr 2001, 15:40
Yeah, sorry,

I meant Filton. Little confusion here ...



Windy Militant
25th Apr 2001, 16:43
I should have remembered that the sim was at Filton. I seem to recall Tomorrows World doing an item on it and as usual as soon as they went on air the camera giving the cockpit view went out of control and crashed into the model. Hopefully they've upgraded things a bit since then.
Wherever it is lets hope that flight testing starts soon and that the fleet go on to have a long and uneventful future.

gas path
26th Apr 2001, 02:38
With the number of lorries passing through the villages like Kempsford, as Fairford is rebuilt and got 'battle' ready, I doubt very much if Concorde will be doing any test flights/training flights from there.