View Full Version : A dark day in US aviation history

11th Sep 2001, 20:14
All US airports closed, all non-military traffic grounded.

Four down, still waitng to be sure that is the extant.

Many lives lost, solemn condolences to those involved.

Isn't this somehwat of a first, coordinated controlled crashes in to selected targets?

Will there be a call for flight deck baricades? Instructions that, if they kill crew or passengers, so be it, the flight deck will remain secure - get the plane down safely?

Terrorism? Seems like an act of war.

11th Sep 2001, 20:57
My prayers and wishes go to all.

Expect a turbulent couple of months on the line guy's. I will put up with any inconvenience to kill any doubt in my mind that my flights not safe.

12th Sep 2001, 06:11
Don't El Al carry a Mossad agent on every flight since the series of hijackings some years ago? Perhaps we can expect some security personnel protecting the flight deck as a requirement for any flight bound to the US in the near future...

12th Sep 2001, 07:04
So sad to realize that whilst the super power country develop super-technology weapons, the non-technology terrorists select civil sector to be their weapon.
They use to capture us for negotiation, now they turn us to be a guided missiles.
Alas. Should it be time to stop "HATRED" between racial/religion/nation?

Let's live together in a harmonious terrestial. :(