View Full Version : Satellite navigation on commercial aircraft

21st Mar 2004, 19:59
I am wondering if satellite navigation is in use on commercial aircraft at the present time. I recall reading in Flying the Big Jets that it was expected to come into use by the late 1990s. Can anyone bring us up to date on this?

21st Mar 2004, 20:47
GPS has been used by airlines for many years now

Elliot Moose
22nd Mar 2004, 00:21
What-- you mean there is another way to navigate? I still wish George W. didn't own the "off" switch to the whole system though!:rolleyes:

22nd Mar 2004, 06:34
Thanks WEBLUEIT. Any further information will be appreciated. I'm afraid the last time I was able to get to the flight deck, as a visitor, was on a domestic 320 a few years ago. It still used conventional nav that came with the a/c.

23rd Mar 2004, 00:49
Not all the BA 747-400s have got GPS. It was only approved quite recently as a modification for the whole fleet, based on a number of reasons that flight ops presented to the management/finance. As the 57 aircraft come in for routine major maintenance, it is installed and tested by us. Consists of two crown mounted antennas (left and right systems) and associated coaxial cable, complex wiring integration with other systems in the main equipment centre and some updated FMC software. No new LRUs, same Multi mode receivers. Not a great deal really, can be fully installed in a few days across shifts.