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24th Apr 2001, 00:28
Having just discovered the G-INFO CAA Registration Database - - - yes, I know I should get out more! - - I noticed that the results of a "Concorde" search brought up the following apparent oddity. When you look at the original date of registration and compare the total hours to date they look like this:-

Reg Reg Date Hours to Date

G-BOAA April 3, 1974 31551
G-BOAB April 3, 1974 35227
G-BOAC April 3, 1974 35270
G-BOAD May 9, 1975 35548
G-BOAE May 9, 1975 37446
G-BOAF June 12, 1980 44334
G-BOAG February 9, 1981 27334

Can anyone tell me why there is such a huge difference, particularly between Fox and Golf?

24th Apr 2001, 00:54
Seems interesting that (with the exception of Golf), hours are higher on the newer a/c.

24th Apr 2001, 01:21
What is this database? Could you tell me where to find it please?


24th Apr 2001, 01:49
G-BOAG spent a huge amount of time stuck on the ground as a result of severe corrosion throughout one of its hydraulic systems. This was caused by contaminated skydrol getting into the system during a major check, and i believe nearly resulted in the aircraft being permanently withdrawn from service.

24th Apr 2001, 02:02

Here's a link to the site. You can type in the reg of any British registered aircraft and it will tell you things like the owner, how many hours its flown, date of manufacture etc etc.


Hope that helps,


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Airborne Hamster
24th Apr 2001, 02:55
mmm DG ?