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23rd Apr 2001, 18:41
REM are a great band, but sadly it seems their guitarist Peter Buck's been acting the spoilt Rock icon whilst on a BA flight from Seattle to LHW.


Anyone care to spill the beans or share comments ?

23rd Apr 2001, 19:04
Hi XQ,
despite REM making brill noise's, there can be no excuse, or tolerance for this type of behavour, normal people who are passengers in commercial a/c are nervouse of everything, for some pea brained jerk to start throwing his weight, and I belive food and drink, about, would possibly frighten the wits out of some fellow passengers, the man has shown he is a JERK, and he should spend some time in a room with no door handle on his side, to reflect on how to treat others. A fine, to suit his pocket would also show him he was wrong, but you watch, very little will happen to him!

Stiff Lil' Fingers
23rd Apr 2001, 19:14
It would appear that something a little stronger was being mixed with his 'Orange Crush' on this flight! Can't blame the crew for not being 'Shiny Happy People'


REM guitarist Peter Buck has apologised outside court after being charged with a series of offences relating to an alleged "air rage" incident.

Buck, 44, appeared at UxbridgeMagistrates Court, west London, to face six charges following an incident on a British Airways flight from Seattle to Heathrow on Saturday.

The case was adjourned until 18 June and Buck was granted bail until then.

Outside court, his American lawyer Bertis Downs read out a statement written by Buck, who is joining REM to play a concert in Trafalgar Square,London on Sunday before starting a world tour.

It said: "I am sorry for the incident and of course I am embarrassed about the whole thing. However, I have been advised not to talk about it further.

"I am grateful for the court allowing me to undertake our promotional tour." In court, previous bail conditions - stating that Buck must surrender his passport - were withdrawn at the request of his counsel,Trevor Burke.

Buck faces charges of disobeying a lawful command of the commander of an aircraft on 21 April of being drunk on an aircraft,of damaging British Airways crockery, of using threatening behaviour and of assaulting crew members Mario Agius and Holly Ward.

New bail conditions, which set a surety of
30,000 - paid for by manager Robert Gold -
ordered Buck not to contact prosecution
witnesses or any member of the flight crew.

Mr Gold said: "Peter will be going back to the hotel now to speak to his family.

"They should have been rehearsing today.
They have missed a day of rehearsal."

He said the other members of the band were
upset by the news, adding: "This is completely out of character."

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23rd Apr 2001, 19:59
Wonder what will happen to him at the full trial.

Let off with a large fine?

23rd Apr 2001, 23:42
This sort of PAX gives us SLF a bad name !!

(I remeber back in the days of BR at LGW the catch phrase was "we could run a bloody efficient airline if it wasn't for the pax")

I was tempted to start a thread titled "PAX has Beer and does not get aggresive"

Over to the thread on the lager lout going to Spain for the rest of my opinions; I won't repeat them here.

(if he rally assaulted crew - jail him "over to you, JPJustice" http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif )