View Full Version : Now a 767 down in Pittsburgh as well

11th Sep 2001, 18:55
I have just switched on the news and can't believe my eyes. Another breaking story says a 767 has crashed near an airport north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No more details yet.

As the guy on the BBC says 'whatever it is it's not amateur'.

Absolutely unbelieveable.

11th Sep 2001, 20:17
The Death toll on this whole thing may pass 10,000. Life in these United States may never be quite the same.

My prayers to all and yes even to those responsible. They are going to need it. I could forsee or imagine a certain terrorist camp turned to glass in a million plus degree fireball and mushroom cloud.

It is one way to let all know that the unthinkable use of neculear weapons can in some cases be justified.

11th Sep 2001, 20:55
FAA have confirmed 4 commercial aircraft missing, suspected to be involved with hijack attacks.