View Full Version : Logging Max Power Checks

14th Mar 2004, 00:06
I note that the requirement to log periodic Max Power takeoffs, if reduced power takeoffs are performed, are called for in FAR 25, AC 25.13 and at least some AFMs. I spoke with a pilot from a major carrier and he says that they never log Max Pwr takeoffs in their 767s. Is there an approved method of gathering data from whatever equipment is on the A/C (FDAMS) and noting Max Pwr takeoffs and extrapolating data from near Max Pwr takeoffs when the actual Max Pwr takeoffs are not performed within the specified time period?

I suspect that JAROPS has something similar?

If such a program exists where is it documented?

Thanks for any information.


14th Mar 2004, 03:36
We have a small tick-box on the TAL, also a entry is to be made in the "complaint" box with the actual temperature, i.e. TOGA 25. This info will then be filed by maintenance, to comply with record-keeping.

Not quite sure about the exact JAR regulations, though.