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12th Mar 2004, 23:29
I am a final year degree student working on a project to modify some of the current ECAM displays onboard current Airbus aircraft, in line with pilot preference and human factors.

Current ideas floating are a tail-wind speed indicator on the cruise page and to redesign the current gauges (i.e. the vibration indicator), but can be anything like changing font size or colours. If anyone has any ideas or gripes with the current system your suggestions on how to improve this already good product would be greatly recieved.

Also, and hints as to which information you like to monitor during the CRUISE segment of your flight would be a great help.

If you are a pilot replying, could you please give me your aircraft type along with on-type hours.

Thanks everyone in advance,


13th Mar 2004, 07:29
It would be nice if it told you there was a lack of crew oxygen. At the moment, the only way to tell is if you select the Door page. ie There's no ECAM warning or caution if the oxygen supply is depleted.

1500hrs on type. (319, 320 & 321)

13th Mar 2004, 16:06
I am currently on the A330s. Being new on the fleet I find the SYSTEM DISPLAY on lower ECAM is not really user friendly. Some of the symbols does not give a clue about what is represents.
For instance the electric pump is represented by a triangle and If you look at the COND page i'm sure an average pilot will not be able to identify some of the symbols immediately.Often I end up opening the book to decipher the symbol. There might be instances where it will help if an average pilot can look at a symbol which should give a cue to what component it represents and immediately identify it.
Just a suggestions.

13th Mar 2004, 21:39
I would like to see a way to clear checklist items that the aircraft cannot detect are done (like 'Tower .... Notify'). This can remove some clutter on the display, as in some checklist a few items are left, and can make it hard to see where you were.

And maybe a way to 'scroll' up and down in the checklist, instead of the weird thing we do now using the CLR key. Same to scroll the Status if req'rd.

Human Factor
14th Mar 2004, 00:14
If you want a good indication of how ECAM ought to work, take a look at the Electronic Checklist (ECL) on the Boeing 777. Having flown the 320 series and the Triple, the latter is far more intuitive and user friendly.

21st Mar 2004, 00:23
thanks for all your comments, i will let you know how the project progresses.