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12th Mar 2004, 12:02

12th Mar 2004, 12:25
Another cargo 'bus incident?

FedEx had an A300 incident at FLL yesterday. The brakes locked on landing and blew all eight tires. The crew had performed a requested inflight maintenance check of the Alternate Gear Extension system (doesn't that disable antiskid or something?).

12th Mar 2004, 12:56
NOT a gearup, aircraft landed safely

12th Mar 2004, 22:34
>>Airbubba, was it a B4 or 600??<<

It was an A-300F4-605R, N682FE (i.e. -600). I was thinking out loud about the antiskid, it's been quite a while since I went to Toulouse.

Anecdotally I've heard of other locked brake incidents in the A-300 and A-310. Pan Am had an A-310 land with what was described as unselected Max Auto braking in JFK years ago. Don't know if they made the first turnoff but any unsecured economy pax were upgraded on landing <g>. Most A-300 series busses have a guard over the 'Max' button on the autobrakes but some do not so finger trouble may have been an issue.

The Kuwaitis had an A-300-600R locked brake incident and high speed RTO with evacuation at KWI in the late 1990's. The brake temps on the ECAM prompted the reject as I recall. The expat captain wasn't sacked so that must mean the cause was mechanical <g>.

ATC Watcher
13th Mar 2004, 03:46
Reminds me of a memorable flight in Mali on a An24 some years back, where after landing ,locals stand up and run to collect their luggage ( standard procedure there) .The taxi was rather fast, so in the end he must have missed a turn off or something and applied full brakes, all those standing were imediately " upgraded " and as the cockpit door was left open , a few went right in and used the opportunity to start complaining heavily to the crew, a fight followed and the cabin crew chief found the best solution : open the doors : most exited the plane but the engines / props were still on an how no-one got injured (or killed ) is only understandable if you have lived in Africa for a while....

13th Mar 2004, 10:01
I'm now told it was an inflight maintenance check of alternate braking, not alternate gear extension.

The crew went down the slide, no injuries...

Clarence Oveur
13th Mar 2004, 11:10
Alternate gear extension is not checked inflight by aircrews, except for testflights. In any case it has no effect on the brakes.

The alternate brake check is to be performed at regular intervals and came into force after problems on A320's which have the same alternate brake system design.

It is to be done at the end of a flight and only into a maintenance station.
Part of the check is to verify no redsidual pressure remains in the alternate brake system. Residual pressure can be removed by additional brake applications.

But I guess nobody checked. AKA no FE onboard.

Cee of Gee
19th Mar 2004, 13:14
We were #2 behind him on app into BGY. They went around from finals, ran checklists, did flypast for visual confirmation from ground crews.
Safe landing, parked at stop end, further probs with nose gear. Removed app 1 hour later.
Nice one lads.:ok:

20th Mar 2004, 06:27
Residual alternate brake pressure on the triple guages best checked after pushback before taxying