View Full Version : All is not well at World ??

10th Mar 2004, 20:33
Whats going on at World Airways then?

Peachtree City, GA World Airways, Inc. (NASDAQ: WLDA) DC10 and MD11 all pax and all freighter carrier today announced that its cockpit crewmembers, represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), have turned down a tentative agreement for a contract extension

Friction seems to now be far reaching resulting in disturbances to planned adhoc and contract flights resulting in disgruntled customers because of cancelled capacity.

Lou Scannon
11th Mar 2004, 03:11
Back in 1982, with the Teamsters in dispute Ed Daly who then ran World threatened to hire Brits to operate the flights..and even put adverts in Flight.

They eventually all saw sense and settled.

Laker Liker
11th Mar 2004, 03:21
World Airways did hire Brits in 1982 to act as strike breakers. Several of our guys from Laker went out for interviews and medicals - part of the medical was to have a thick glass rod rammed up their fundamental orifice to test their reaction...........

Good old America, if you run out of ideas just stuff 'em.........

11th Mar 2004, 07:42
Every president of the Teamsters since 1952 has been indicted except the current one, James Hoffa.

The all went to prison except Jackie Presser and Frank Fitzsimmons who died before they could get to the "Big House" and Ron Carey who beat the rap and was acquitted.

A great group of choirboys to be associated with...

An important Teamster anniversary, from the BBC: