View Full Version : Singapore Airlines launches in-flight internet and e-mail

Stiff Lil' Fingers
23rd Apr 2001, 16:18
Singapore Airlines has launched a service allowing passengers to send and receive e-mail and surf the web from their seats.

The firm says its satellite-based offering is the first global airborne e-mail system.
Passengers can plug in their laptops to surf selected web content and communicate with colleagues on the ground.

The system is produced by Seattle-based Tenzing Communications, a company that specialises in providing internet services for travellers.

Britain's Virgin Atlantic Airways announced in March that it will offer similar services for all three classes, also in partnership with Tenzing.

But, according to Tenzing's president and chief operating officer Alan Pellegrini, that service is still "several months away".

23rd Apr 2001, 18:26
The service is available only on one 744 at present.. 9V-SPC ... and only selected web content will be available for access. I wonder if Pprune will be included in their list of selected web sites? ;) (Somehow, I think not!)

More info here;


In the slot
23rd Apr 2001, 21:43
Nice one anito4A!
We could use it to get the Ashgebat ATIS from PPRUNE weather. Or maybe e-mail a position report to the ever evasive Kabul radio man. Do you think they"ll buy that??
Think not!