View Full Version : Plane down in UBBB - Baku

4th Mar 2004, 17:20
More details here (http://www.bakutoday.net/view.php?d=8197)


4th Mar 2004, 22:10
Aircraft is UR-ZVA. IL-76. Great crew... 4 crew members dead as I understand it. Hope I am wrong...

5th Mar 2004, 04:18
A freind was FO on the BMed A321 just about to depart to LHR and saw it happen. The nose pitched up at approx 500feet, stalled and rolled to the left. According to the ground crew, the IL76 crew had advised of a technical problem. The aircraft was stopping at Baku to pick up Belgian troops to take to Kabul.
RIP :(

5th Mar 2004, 09:33
The following is reported by the crew of an aircraft on finals behind the aircraft and a ground mechanic who witnessed the event whilst sitting in his truck awaiting the arrival of said aircraft.

The IL-76 took off on runway 36 when shortly after lift off it appeared to suffer a double engine failure on the same side. It descended into the ground on or near the runway centre line within the airport boundary. A large post crash fire was seen which was promptly extinguished by the airport fire services in the 10 minutes or so it took the following aircraft to complete a radar vectored circuit for a landing on runway 34.

Pictures were shown of the aircraft on the local TV station which showed the fuselage broken into several pieces, my Azeri being non-existent I cannot report what was said. Local rumours at the time reported that there were 7 crew on board of whom at least 4 were killed. It was also suggested that flocks of migratory birds seen in the area might have played a part in the accident.