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2nd Mar 2004, 11:14
I know this has been beaten to death before, but I just head of the offical start date.

As of Sunday Feb 29th 2004, FAA regulations prohibits passangers to stand and wait for and occupied lavatory to become available.

I'd still love to know how they plan on enforcing this effectively.


Note, this could of course be hear-say, or maybe even a rumour!

Felix Lighter
2nd Mar 2004, 11:53
Its not a rumour!

We are already reading a blurb from the Office of Motherland Security on all our flights to 'the land of the free'......."thou shalt not congregate in the vicinity of the loo etc"

Surprising ,really, given that we cram 400+ punters into a aluminium tin can.......surely that is 'congregation' in itself?

Why not ban all big jets! (But not Boeings of course);)

Anyway....isnt 'the right to free assembly' part of the US constitution? Or has that been superseded by the Patriot Act of the Motherland?

vitamin B
2nd Mar 2004, 12:20
Tut Tut Felix L

Where does SUPERCEDE derivate from. Is it another insidious Americanism?

'Super' (above) and 'sedere' (Latin for to sit) thus gives us SUPERSEDE meaning to sit above.

Vitamin B

2nd Mar 2004, 12:24
Will be very difficult to manage the rule.

Pax far away from lav could make several attempted journeys only to have to return to their seats when people closer get there faster. Could increase air rage in some cases but would be good for preventing DVT with all the added exercise. F/As will spend a lot of time marshalling folks around and dealing with the irate ones.

Perhaps they could introduce a lav reservation system?
"23A - you're next - you've got 4 minutes - 43G get ready"

2nd Mar 2004, 12:55
A bit like tee time at the golf course, or post time at the track.
Why not have a lottery...see who can get there first, win, place, or show.:p

2nd Mar 2004, 13:04
Pax might try to rush to the lavatories to get there before others and thus might give the impression he's 'charging' something/someone. Then he'll be the one 'charged' with breaking some law.

not a good idea :suspect:

2nd Mar 2004, 13:05
I imagine if they did a ticket system, exactly the same thing would happen as does at the Tesco's Deli counter...

Take ticket
Read ticket - number 76
Look at ticket counter - number 12

2nd Mar 2004, 13:29
Come on. In modern designs, lavatories are added weight. Besides, studies show that if you cut down on the number of lavatories, less people use them. So just wire the loo stack into the inflight entertainment system. The jokes just write themselves.

2nd Mar 2004, 13:47
Flew with Southwest Airlines (B737-700) three times last month - every flight, the "No Standing by the Loo" rule was strictly enforced.

They didn't give a monkeys about the "No walking down the aisle whilst the seat belt sign is lit" rule - but they REALLY cared about the "Don't wait here" regulation.

Q? Why do pax walk down the aisle when the seat belt sign is on?

Ignition Override
2nd Mar 2004, 13:52
Keygrip: the seat belt sign is often considered a "should comply with...", unless you need to go to the "john" (loo).

After all this time-what is a "punter"? Just any passenger? Where does "pear shaped" come from?

2nd Mar 2004, 17:22
I''m sorry, but it is plain as a pimple on a pig's bum that everyone involved in the formulation & creation of this regulation is a jibbering idiot.

What are they going to charge people with?

Conspiracy to Defeacate?

Serial Urination Contrary to Section 13 of the Stupid Act?

Anal Endangerment of The Homeland?

Loitering With Intent To Commit Number Twos?

I hope to God my calender is wrong and it turns out to be April 1st.

2nd Mar 2004, 17:33
I guess this ruling really does prevent couples "congregating" in the W/C's ;) ;) ;)

If caught, no longer will crew and pax look at it in a light hearted manner but the plane will be diverted and the two (...or more) involved will be held in the state lock-up and exposed to the whole world :eek:

Better make sure it is only your partner you are caught with!! ;) ;)

3rd Mar 2004, 05:07
For there is a clear explanation there (chapter22/ paragraph 74/alinea b):
Every passenger and crewmember will be offered a bag of Pampers before take off.
American consulates are requested to buy, stock and deliver the needed number of Pampers to International Airports, according to maximum seat capacity of USA bound flights .
Government of USA has allready launched a major maritime enterprise in order to carry huge loads of Pampers to foreign countries. New plants have been built in emergency to make sure no shortage of Pampers will occur which could lead to flights cancellations.

3rd Mar 2004, 14:58
:confused: I flew with UAL KLAX/KDEN/KLAX a week ago and nobody gave a wrinkly rat's rectum about congregating - near the dunnies or otherwise. The topic was certainly not broached on the PA. Is it only for foreigners that the rule applies?

3rd Mar 2004, 17:36
just stay home or take any other means of transportation.

Soon the airlines will send a bus to pick you up at home, if you decide to buy a ticket. You have the power, use it!