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one truevoice
28th Feb 2004, 06:19
Has anyone any news on when Thomas Cook GJMAB will be in the skies again. Last I heard was that a team was being brought over from Boeing to access damage etc.

It seems to have been a long time since the incident at LYS and surely TCX must miss one of only two 757-300's in their fleet.

28th Feb 2004, 20:18
The 757 now has a huge tent built over its starboard wing so presumably work is underway to fix it's broken wing.

Reporst in another forum had said it would take 2 months and $5 million to repair.

Random Electron
28th Feb 2004, 21:45
I asked one of the TCX engineers that very question yesterday (Feb 27)

The unofficial word is another three weeks and she will be back in the air.

Boeing don't muck around.

1st Mar 2004, 02:17
Just been to Lyon on a skiing holiday and saw the -300 with a mobile tent over the starboard wing and wondered what had happened. With the search function disabled this is as close as I've come to finding out. Anyone care to enlighten me?

1st Mar 2004, 03:39
G-JMAB damaged it's wing tip after arriving from London Gatwick. The ATC failed to provide the Flight Deck with taxi aid (either in the form of a "follow me" car or taxi instructions) and so the 757-300 was left to taxi in on its own in poor weather. As you may know you cannot see the wingtips on a 753 from the flight deck? Anyway, it subsequently hit a post causing severe damage to the wing structure.



1st Mar 2004, 04:34
Errr not quite !! You dont (and they didnt) taxy anywhere without instructions or a follow me !!

ATC instructed the crew to taxi via K1, the crew questioned this (I believe several times), and was confirmed.

Crew have been absolved of blame and are back on line.

ATC apparently been reporting that the new taxiways at LYS are an accident waiting to happen!

1st Mar 2004, 16:04
I should have been more specific. I meant that the Crew hadn't been given suitable instructions. I know they can't go anywhere without instructions from ATC! If I made it sound like the crew where to blame that was not my intention. I know they aren't!



5th Mar 2004, 17:39

Back in the UK on 8th March........so I was " reliably" informed two days ago,

Long live the Dog:D

Mr @ Spotty M
6th Mar 2004, 01:41
I would be very surprised if it does.
Boeing l heard said about two weeks or so to fix and they were starting this week, so l was told.
Also l am informed TCX have some misgivings on some of Boeing's findings or more to the point, what they are not finding wrong with the aircraft.

6th Mar 2004, 02:17
Actually what I heard from an employee of LYS yesterday is that there are problems. It seems that the plane is "bent", which brings in the question, economics.