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13th Oct 2001, 05:56
Just heard today Continental Airlines found box cutters and knives in life jackets under the seats. Don't know if just a rumor or fact. I am taking it serious. Make sure the flight attendants check all the vest on the aircraft. Fly Safe Guys and Gals.

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13th Oct 2001, 18:33
Box-Cutters Found on Sept. 11 Plane -Air Canada

TORONTO (Reuters) - Police are investigating circumstances surrounding a Sept. 11 flight from Toronto to New York after box-cutter knives were found aboard the airliner, which never left the ground that day, an airline spokeswoman said on Saturday.

Box-cutters and knives were the weapons used by hijackers who took control of four U.S. airliners on Sept. 11 and smashed them into landmarks in New York and Washington and a Pennsylvania field, killing nearly 5,400 people.

Air Canada spokeswoman Laura Cooke said the knives were found on Sept. 14 by a passenger on an Air Canada flight heading for Calgary.

The plane had initially been scheduled to fly to New York on Sept. 11, leaving Toronto's Pearson International Airport at 9 a.m. It never took off because the United States closed its airspace to civilian traffic after the attacks in New York and Washington.

"The matter is being looked at by the authorities," Cooke said. She declined to give details about the passengers.

The Globe and Mail national newspaper quoted a passenger on the original Sept. 11 flight as saying that he had been questioned by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

"I asked them why they were asking questions, and they told me box-cutters were found under some of the seats," the paper quoted the passenger as saying.

"It is pretty scary to know that I was on a flight to New York on Sept. 11 and box-cutters were under some seats."

The airliners used in the hijack attacks took off from Boston, New York and Washington.