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Half a Mexican
25th Feb 2004, 02:02
I suppose it was only a matter of time before they attempted this...

Terrorists plot for airline pilots (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,8785826%255E1702,00.html)

This could have some very interesting ramifications. It might not be too long before we see pilots, both US and foreign, needing
some sort of special security clearance to operate an aircraft in US airspace.

25th Feb 2004, 05:12
Can I commute? How much vacation....

I'm kidding, I'm KIDDING.....geeze..!

Seems to me as long as there are spies within the CIA then there's not much we can do about rogue pilots.

Besides that, I've already encountered numerous terrorists in airline management.:hmm: :rolleyes: :yuk:

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25th Feb 2004, 05:53
I don't get it !!! Who's willing to die ? Are there airline pilots willing to die (and kill thousands of people) for money ???? ...


25th Feb 2004, 10:22
dorosenco, 20 people were willing to die on Sept. 11 and kill thousands in the process. Most every week a Palestinian is willing to blow himself up. Similar acts have happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't think money was the motivation.

Why do you think there aren't any Muslim airline pilots willing to do the same?

25th Feb 2004, 10:27
I'd guess that there is more chance of someone doing this for a "belief" rather than money..........

Half-a-mexican, foreign pilots already need special permission to train and operate in the USA.


25th Feb 2004, 10:44
Oh my goodness gracious - an effective defence seems to be forming..... no more Muslim Pax or Pilots allowed to fly to the West. Then we would all be safer. OK, it's a sort of extreme trade off...but.... then... how safe do you all want to be?

cold canuck
25th Feb 2004, 10:58
Seriously, I need a new type...DO you have to pay for training? ;)

High Wing Drifter
25th Feb 2004, 15:28

I urge you to go for a quiet stroll in the countryside and have a good think about the point you have just made regarding Arabs and Palestinians. Maybe you will then see how utterly stupid it is.

Half a Mexican
25th Feb 2004, 17:07

I was aware of the need to obtain clearance to train in the US and I was pretty sure the same measures (and more) applied to those who wanted to operate N-reg aircraft in the US.

However, are you saying that foreign crew operating a foreign registered aircraft in US airspace need to go through the same checks. :confused:

25th Feb 2004, 22:08
It was bound to happen. Create a rigid " locked door" and fortress flight deck and what would any self respecting terrorist organisation figure out was the answer?

25th Feb 2004, 22:18
I think the word 'recruit' may be a bit of a euphamism in this report - "work out how to get you over a barrel" more like.

Stay vigilant!

26th Feb 2004, 01:37
OFBSLF, Perhaps few CHRISTIAN airline pilots willing to do the same, from WACO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!


Wee Weasley Welshman
26th Feb 2004, 02:45
Clear Prop - I had never considered that angle. That has got me seriously worried. My Mother works for a High Street Bank and as a family we all had certain training for certain scenarios.

Time for a rethink about the annual Security day perhaps...



26th Feb 2004, 07:11
Jabal, dorosenco, et. al., I am not, in any way, implying that all Muslims are suspect.

Various Muslim extremist terrorist groups have used suicide attacks against various targets. These have occurred in the US (Sept. 11), Yemen (USS Cole), Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, etc. If those extremist groups have been able to convince followers to commit suicide before, why are we to assume that they could not convince a pilot to do the same?

I am unaware of any Christian group using such suicide tactics.

26th Feb 2004, 18:00
God Almighty don't let this degenerate into another religious/racial thread!!!

The point is that terrorists aren't looking for recruits as Clear Prop said - they are looking to inflict terror. If that means that any pilot could be used/coerced into doing a 9/11, or carrying a bomb, or any other terrorist activity through threats to their families, blackmail etc then the terror becomes even greater.

And before you all start posting things like "I would never do that ", "no-one could ever make a clean-living white Christian do that" etc. think of all the poor stooges who have been used by the IRA and ETA and other Western European terrorist groups over the years to drive bomb laden cars through checkpoints and into cities - not islamic extremists , not religious fanatics , but normal citizens of westernised, christian democratic countries forced into situations they cannot control.

I think that probably includes us, doesn't it? Keep your eyes open.

26th Feb 2004, 21:44
I think his point is that they do not use suicide tactics--did the ETA and IRA use suicide tactics?

Jump Complete
26th Feb 2004, 22:23
Personnally, I don't give a s*** about wether the terrorist came from Western Europe or anywhere else, nor what brand of religon they do their killing under. A murdering terrorist is a murdering terrorist. Full stop.

Having said that, consider the old phrase, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."
Just suppose for a moment that the allies had lost World War Two. The whole of Europe in 2004 is under Nazi rule. How many of you might be prepared to join a criminal organisation to try and free ourselves from it? Does a bomb in a crowded pub full of officers of the occupation (but also with inocent bystanders) sound so unreasonable now? Well, does it?

Bucking Bronco
27th Feb 2004, 16:29
As a point aside, the 19 hijackers who died on Sept 11th; I've heard from a good source that only the pilots really knew the end game. The thugs in the Cabin doing crowd control/slitting ladies throats didn't know they were going to die.

Now back to the main topic...

27th Feb 2004, 20:22
The terrorists don't have to use suicide tactics themselves if they can coerce someone else into doing their suicide attacks for them. THAT is what ETA and IRA did, and that makes them all the more despicable for it.

My point is this: what if your family was being held at knifepoint and you were told to go into work as usual, only you had to cooperate with the terrorists who were going to be on board your flight or your family dies horribly? Would that make you a terrorist? Of course not - to be put in that situation doesn't bear thinking about. But that is why terrorist organisations don't have to recruit pilots - they can pick on any pilot.

28th Feb 2004, 05:04
At the end of the day these people are everywhere, It is only when idiots from the media stir things and cause histeria then all of us are out of a job.

Imagine the daily sport etc reads this thread next thing headline " 100's of terrorist pilots working for airlines" see my point its the same as these ar*^hole reporters who infiltrate airfield security and then broadcast it to the world how they breached security. Tw*ts like this should be imprissoned in my opinion if they were really interested in improving security they would quietly discuss the problem with the airport, it is T*ats like that that are costing us all our jobs.

I grew up in an area of the UK that was prone to terror atacks from the NIreland situation on my 18th birthday I was told we could not go into town to celebrate due to a bomb scare, we all agreed to carry on anyway never let the b*&tards get you down.

In conclusion stop writing threads that induce fear, terrorists will always be a threat but good will always triumph over evil. BUT if you stop going about your daily life the ba*$ards win.
All we can do is remain vigilant, I know personally I would rather be dead than stop flying just because one day something might happen!!!!!!!:suspect:

Wee Weasley Welshman
28th Feb 2004, 07:48
Has anyone come across anything pertaining to the 'flightdeck family at hostage' scenario? I've not. Has it been considered and discounted, considered and deemed too difficult to counter or not considered at all?

Obviously a sensitive subject but I'm sure its nothing that hasn't crossed the bad guys minds already.



29th Feb 2004, 02:38
WWW I GIVE UP:{ :{ :{