View Full Version : B767 Taxiing with Aft Cargo Door Open

20th Feb 2004, 19:21
Watched a B767 taxiing this morning with the aft cargo door half open. The aircraft was repositioning to a proper stand.

Anyone know of a reason why they would need to do this?


fescalised portion
21st Feb 2004, 07:57
Was it by chance UAL at LHR.I've seen this before. Never the Aft cargo door though, always the bulk cargo door. I guess if it was the cargo door, then the technician taxiing it didn't perform his checks properly. It shouldn't cause any problems though,as it's well clear of the jetblast.

21st Feb 2004, 09:37
I thought that at least for the 737 Boeing recommended that all doors be closed for towing/taxiing as the doors provide structural integrity

21st Feb 2004, 11:30
It wasnt UAL and not even close to LHR. I had put it down to poor completion of the checklist prior to taxi.


gas path
21st Feb 2004, 17:49
If it was only half open my guess would be that it had gone u/s and that it was decided to reposition the a/c to work on it???????

Dr Illitout
22nd Feb 2004, 20:52
If it was the rear cargo door half open it would be hanging No2 engines jet eflux surely?. I can understand why the BULK cargo was left open as without steps you cannot reach up to close it and it opens inward anyway. Either way I personally would not want to taxi with any door open.

fire wall
24th Feb 2004, 07:36
I quote from my notes when I did the type rating in 1992...........the aft/bulk and fwd cargo doors are an intergral part of the a/c structure..........towing the a/c (particularly in the case of tight turns) with these doors open can subject the a/c to tortional stresses which are beyond the initial design capability.

That said I have seen the a/c towed with doors 1 L and R open and cannot explain why this is also not mentioned in the notes.