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LTN man
22nd Apr 2001, 11:17
For those of you who want to know who owns that all white aircraft or which airline owns what the CAA has just put online a search facility of UK registered aircraft at http://www.srg.caa.co.uk/aircraftregister/ginfo_dbsearch.asp which will also give info on engines fitted etc… There is also a page on new and cancelled registrations at

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22nd Apr 2001, 15:25
LTN man, useful info. The 2nd site gives de-registrations and a basic reason, but have you any idea how to find out where these re-registered a/c have gone to and who they're now operating for, if at all?

Cheers for any info.


23rd Apr 2001, 09:56
What would be really useful would be for the UKCAA to put airworthiness data on their website. The Safety Regulation Group website has had a message posted for almost two years now, that they will publish airworthiness directives in Adobe Acrobat files but nothing so far. As usual they have been too busy catering for the reggy-spotters...

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