View Full Version : Rejected Take-off?

12th Feb 2004, 20:56
A question was raised recently. Should only the Captain be allowed to call stop on a rejected take-off?

Should this rule apply to a three crew operation?

I know that Airbus suggests that only the Captain should call stop, does this apply to their A300-B4 with a F/E?

I know that this question has been around for a long time any thoughts out there?


Hulk Hogan
13th Feb 2004, 01:24
Each crew member should be allowed to call stop, reason being if the Captain is the handling pilot then he is to busy during the take off roll to be watching all the instruments to see if the aircraft is peforming as it should.

Max Angle
13th Feb 2004, 01:41
Captains only in our company, and I'm quite happy with that. A low experience FO is quite capable of calling the failure but is not, in my opinion, equipped to make the reject decision. It's a mighty big one and a wrong call could lead to total loss of the airframe and possibly worse. Of course it's a different matter with higher time guys but the SOP has to be written to suit everyone. Other operators do it differently but what we do suits me fine.

13th Feb 2004, 03:52

Don't you feel that the delay between the F/O explaining his perception of the problem and the Captain making the decision might well be unacceptable.

13th Feb 2004, 04:56
Take your point Max but in my (2-crew) airliner either guy can call stop. We stop (because we know we can, 'cos we worked it out earlier) and then when the ac has come to a stop we decide what to do next.