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11th Feb 2004, 18:54
I am trying to find a website or a copy with a printable version of all Euopean volmet stations plus preferably a map with all ATIS frequencies. I know something like this is Aerad but my company uses Jepps which appear not to have this feature

many thanks


Air Driven Generator
11th Feb 2004, 19:07

We also use Jepps, the solution we found was to keep a copy of the 'The Pilots' Free Flight Atlas' this has all the Volmet frequencies in the rear pages of the book and also has a Volmet Broadcast Map.

I believe Transair sell this Atlas.



11th Feb 2004, 20:11
If you look in the Jeppesen Text Manual under the Met Section there is a comprehensive listing of all VOLMET stations complete with broadcast details along with a listing of all available ATIS frequencies. All LO charts in Jeppesen contain the ATIS frequency beside the airfield depicted on the chart.