View Full Version : Another Easy resignation?

7th Feb 2004, 14:57
I understand that the guy monitoring FLIDRAS/SESMA at Easyjet has resigned.

7th Feb 2004, 17:07
Shock, horror............63 year old wants to leave company.............

8th Feb 2004, 04:16
What is SESMA? Sounds painful!! :confused:

8th Feb 2004, 05:43
A nurse tells me it involves plastic tubing:eek:

8th Feb 2004, 06:09
FLIDRAS - Flight Data Replay and Analysis System.

SESMA - Special Event Search and Master Analysis.

8th Feb 2004, 06:32
So why would this be of any interest, except maybe on the "easyJet" forum?

8th Feb 2004, 06:37
It wouldn't be of any interest there either!

southern softy
8th Feb 2004, 16:25
also, one of the cleaners is leaving .

A and C
8th Feb 2004, 16:43
Shock ! Horror ! Small hole in Luton.......no one hurt !.

PPRuNe Towers
8th Feb 2004, 18:18
Might it be significant in terms of some of the managers past professed desire to use QAR recordings for disciplinary purposes?

Could it be a heads up on the calibre of any potential replacement and their committment to safety?

no sig
8th Feb 2004, 19:34
PPRuNe Towers

In a word, No.