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5th Feb 2004, 19:11
As a french pilot in a french airline, I'm looking for informations on Multi fleet flying experienced pilots on both A 320 and A 330.
I know a couple of airlines in UK and Swiss are doing it.
Preferbly on private email.

Thank you

the road atlas
6th Feb 2004, 12:25
Be brave, Y private mail, I want to see too, not as if we are talking about weekend away with the sexatery here... c'mon, spill your guts on this for all to see. (you get the drift):ok:

6th Feb 2004, 18:02
OK no pb.

Is there any body from My Travel , TC or Monarch who could tell us how they operate both aircraft.
How many pilot fly it, how many flights on type a month, did you get any raise only because of that type of ops; what about the training( reccurent sims)
Many more questions coming but my is almost ready to give birth so I have to go.

11th Feb 2004, 22:34
Back home now, I try to make a recall concerning this subject
I'm still looking for informations about multi fleet flying experienced crew. please

Thank you very much

16th Feb 2004, 23:01
Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong fly A340 and A330 - MFF.

The CCQ (Cross crew Qualification) works by the pilot being fully endorsed on one type. After a certain period of experience on this first type (say 200 hours), they are enabled to do a day course on "Differences" and a training sim. This is followed by the regulatory sims then some line training.

A line check is followed by a minimum number of sectors on only the new type (say 10), then they are fully qualified to fly both types.

To keep legally current on both types, a pilot must do at least 3 T/O's & LDG's in 90 days, one of which must be on the other type.

Each concurrent annual line check must be on the other type than the previous one.

Each 6 months the regulatory sims (Instrument Rating, Aircraft Rating and IAL) must be done on the other type than the type checked on the previous one.

I hope this info helps.

18th Feb 2004, 07:10
Thank you very much backin 5 for all the informations on A 340 330 MFF .
I was more interested on british charter airlines experiences.
We, in our airline flew the 320 for 6 years and now fly A330.
Because it would be very interesting to fly both type on MFF, I was looking for infos on working conditions and associated wages. (more a union point of of view)

thank you

18th Feb 2004, 10:23
Ok...A330-A340, would concede (more or less) the same for type ratings.
Maybe adding the A320...quite possibly.

Picture this.

Triple qualified guys.

Yes. it was possible, and I personally know of two guys that did just that...for over five years (there were more than ten, that I knew of..more possible).
Triple qualified.
Yes, they spent a LOT of time in the sim, but it meant that guys down line had the ability to operate whatever came their way.
They have my admiration...a difficult position, for sure.
I would personally never hope to be in this position, yet these guys carried on regardless...superb performance.:ok: