View Full Version : US crew kidnapped for two hours.

Ignition Override
5th Feb 2004, 05:37
This info came from a Continental Airlines pilot.

The crew's shuttle was boarded in a Latin American city by an armed man while enroute to the hotel. The driver was able to communicate to the hotel as to which streets they were on and two police cars intercepted and blocked the shuttle. The crew was very fortunate to have a clever driver who was prepared for this and kept his nerve, while knowing how to give out vital info on the phone.:uhoh:

5th Feb 2004, 06:16
Interesting post IG. Do you know in which country it happened?

I heard that Mexico plans to pass a law that'll freeze the victim's assets as a result of increasing kidnapping. No doubt that the first 50 - 100 victim's will be exposed to their hijackers' frustration ... :uhoh:

7 7 7 7

6th Feb 2004, 04:59
Someone posted something similar about Caracas here recently no?

bugg smasher
6th Feb 2004, 18:34
First I've heard of it in that part of the world. It's a relatively common occurence in Africa, notably Nairobbery and Joburg.

Panama Jack
7th Feb 2004, 05:05
That's interesting Squawk 7777.

I had never thought of something like that but sounds like a very good idea for legislation. I had a couple of friends who were kidnapped a few years ago in Guatemala, a country in which seemingly everybody wants to be a kidnapper these days.