View Full Version : B767-200 EICAS Wing Hydraulic Valve message

5th Feb 2004, 05:52
Recently had EICAS message "Wing Hydraulic Valve" message appear in flight. A scenario I thought was confined to the ground.
Anyone else experienced this?

5th Feb 2004, 09:29
There apparently is an EICAS advisory message for L WING HYD VAL or R WING HYD VAL. This advisory apparently indicates the left or right wing hydraulic flight control valve is closed. It would be interesting to see the indications on the P61 panel.

The MEL discusses how to dispatch with the valve secured into the open position. It would be a lengthy maintenance procedure.

Golden Rivet
5th Feb 2004, 13:12
The DDG says the valve may be inoperative open, with maintenance action as follows -

Verify associated valve (s) is open by pressurizing the appropriate hydraulic system and displacing control column or control wheel, as appropriate, while observing flight control deflection on EICAS.

Given the nature of the snag, I would rather opt for manual postioning of valve, removal and stowage of plug and then testing as above.

5th Feb 2004, 16:38
Had the same message for the rudder valve a while ago. Initially intermittent (1 sec or so) then eventually stayed on a few sectors later. Valve had to be secured open.