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29th Jan 2004, 00:11
New European start-up airline, jetsSky.com, willl face a law suit by the National Dutch consumer watch dog (the consumentenbond) if jetsSky continues to sell 'ghost' flights on its web-site.

See following link (unfortunately in Dutch) http://reiskrant.nl/reiskrant2/reisnieuws/article7541121.ece (http://:reiskrant.nl/reiskrant2/reisnieuws/article7541121.ece)

The so-called 'airline' has called off the start of flights from AMS as of February 1st and now insists it will start operations as of March 28, however it continues to sell flights as of February 1st.

jetsSky.com is headed by Harry van Achteren, a business man who has left a trail of financial mismanagement and bankruptcies.

News on jetsSky in the Dutch media has been negative to say the least and consumers are being warned. Articles in national newspapers and now coverage on television coupled with a potential lawsuit by the National Consumer watch dog show the seriousness of the allegations of selling 'ghost' flights as a potenial scam.

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that should be January 21 st off course!!

29th Jan 2004, 19:28
In response to the impending lawsuit, Jetssky have now stopped selling flights online - on the Dutch part of their website at least.

15th Feb 2004, 03:58
I just received some info that Jetssky is now also without the driving force e.g. the working people, seems that this things is a "One-day-fly "

Hope no one has been ripped?