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Walter Sobchak
28th Jan 2004, 19:22

Is there a defined point in the regulatory when to conduct a diversion?(min div fuel)
As we didnīt find anything in the OM, we were only able to guess and came up with this:

fuel qty>min div fuel
at IAF in case of standard appr: continue
at "cleared for approach" in case of radar vectores: continue

Any suggestion is welcome and I greatly appreciate a link to an official institution or similar(yes I know, Iīm german).


28th Jan 2004, 21:36
Guten Tag, Walter. I cannot give you any official 'link', but it is worth remembering that div fuel is NORMALLY calculated to allow for g/a at DA/DH, so if you calculate you will NOT have that THERE, you had better have got a better plan up your sleeve, or whatever that is auf Deutsch!

28th Jan 2004, 22:13
Hi Walter, from Jarops.........

" If an in-flight fuel check reveals that the expected fuel remaining on arrival at the destination will be less than the required alternate fuel + final reserve fuel (i.e minimum fuel) the commander will :

(a) assess and take into account the traffic, operational and meterological conditions prevailing and expected at the destination aerodrome; and
(b) similarly along the diversion route to the alternate aerodrome; and
(c) similarly at the destination alternate aerodrome;
when deciding whether to proceed to the destination aerodrome or to divert, so as to land with not less than final reserve fuel."

So although you are "expected" to have minimum fuel at MDA/DA at destination, under Jarops YOU decide what to do and where to land as long as you don't land with less than final reserve fuel (i.e 30 mins holding @1500ft). If you reach Emergency fuel level (different for each type) you must declare a Mayday.

Hope that's of some use, and here is the link to the Jars site, there's alot of it :zzz:


Walter Sobchak
28th Jan 2004, 23:11
Thanks, I can see clearly now!
Understand also my OM now, sometimes you need it explained in plane language.

Greetings from the Walter

2nd Feb 2004, 15:10
When we divert normaly we have to carry out the minimum fuel non normal check list close to descent at alternate

PPRuNe Towers
2nd Feb 2004, 20:35
A good point from aviatorpk,

Under jarops and a totally compliant ops manual it is entirely possible that during a flight requiring use of holding and a diversion to an alternate you would have a sequence of events requiring 3 things. A pan call, a mayday and a non normal fuel drill.

Good innit??

2nd Feb 2004, 21:12
Any more time to elaborate on this? Pretty please?:\