View Full Version : Devon Flying Club to bow to BALPA !

21st Apr 2001, 14:22
The straw chewing yokel, out of touch committee in Exeter are to be forced to recognise BALPA and introduce better pay and conditions for it's long-suffering flightcrew community!

With a trademark of poor communications and a sad record for employee retention and development, the Mandarins in Exeter will either sink or swim when confronted by BALPA's professional negociators !Hopefully they will rise to the occasion and adopt a more modern and pragmatic way to manage this promising airline in partnership with BALPA. However to quote a senior manager who left these shores last year, he said of the Top Two:-
"They don't LISTEN,
They don't LEARN,
and they believe they're doing a good job !
Undaunted many at Jack's Old Flying CLub live in hope.

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Raw Data
21st Apr 2001, 17:30
Enjoyed that till I got to the bit about BALPAs professional "negociators" (sic). They haven't done a very good job at other airlines recently!!! ;)

21st Apr 2001, 19:31
This is one of the great urban myths of aviation. The reality is vote in BALPA and they will ask you to form a company council who will negotiate your pay. Maybe, like GB's council, they'll forget to ask you if you agree to it! BALPA's Professional Negotiators? A rare breed indeed. Whatever your 1% goes on it is not the salaries of huge numbers of PNs. I guess from the naivity of your post you've not been around this business very long. If I'm wrong you haven't been looking out the window enough! No offence intended but I think you may be in for a dissappointment. I hope not.

next in line
22nd Apr 2001, 16:04
The strength of any company council lies in its reps having the full support of the line community assisted by the full time officials at New Road. The latter is assured but if the former is not forthcoming, the line community deserves exactly what it gets.

22nd Apr 2001, 22:54
How do line pilots support their council if they don't even have a ballot on a pay deal? The ultimate vote that line pilots have is with their feet and then it's too late. How many full time officials are there at New Road? How is going at all the companies that have recently taken up BALPA recognition? Any good deals struck yet? Brymon, BRAL, Air 2 bob?

22nd Apr 2001, 23:06
I took a deep breath and didn't know whether it was exasperation with another attempt by BALPA to "negotiate". Very little chance of that. Or was it perhaps, do people never learn? As a matter of fact, BOTH I think.