View Full Version : Aeroflot DC-10 incident at Frankfurt-Hahn

19th Jan 2004, 22:55
A friend of mine (working at the Hahn airport) just called me and said a DC-10F of Aeroflot Cargo overshot the snow covered runway, apparently with one engine on fire.

The fire was quickly put out by firefighters, but the machine is stuck in the mud, and the airport is closed for now. Gladly noone got hurt, the crew is a little shaken but otherwise okay.

The cause of the fire is not determined yet, but rumour has it the fire started when reverse thrust was selected.

tom de luxe
20th Jan 2004, 06:53
Some updates:
- nobody was hurt in the incident
- some FR flights diverted to CGN (three ex STN + some others), others have been cancelled
- snowfall persisting all day on Monday has stopped now (only to give way to rain) :{
- The runway has now reopened

FR at CGN, together with Germanwings and HLX. A spotter's dream come true :8

free the renault 5
20th Jan 2004, 21:36
For info
Aeroflot operate DC10-40's with JT9D engines.
These engines have a history of stalling when Rev thrust is applied below 70 Kts., with an ensuing tailpipe flames and engine flameout.
Aeroflot have already changed engines for this very reason.
You can put this excursion down to a few things

1) Weather conditions
2) Pilot Over-exuberance with the T/Rev's
3) Misc other ancillary problems.

25th Oct 2005, 03:12
Investigation report is now available.


Although it had been snowing most of the day, runway cleaning and clearing concluded 1 hour before the DC-10 landed. Chemical de-icing agent had been applied to the runway. The runway was partly covered with snow and slush. There were no documents on board to calculate landing distance with a contaminated runway, however the landing distance required was available but only if reverse thrust on all engines was used. The #1 reverser jammed after touchdown and was unavailable as breking support. The #3 reverser could not be used fully because of asymmetric considerations.

Willit Run
25th Oct 2005, 19:00
I've been wrong before, but I believe landing distance is only calculated from brakes only on that plane. Can a DC-10 expert confirm or deny?

26th Oct 2005, 00:00
I was kind of surprised that the BFU did not discuss this much in detail but perhaps telling us that they did not have the charts on board for a contaminated runway was enough said.