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5th Dec 2001, 22:56
Hi guys

Does anyone know what happened with a Dash 8 from SAS that made an emergency landing on 25R at brussels this morning, that kept the runway closed for a while? I looked like an hydraulic problem...

5th Dec 2001, 23:04
Another Dash8-400 incident?

Interestingly, this week's Flight has a big story on the aircraft introduction. SAS, like a number of airlines has had problems with the type.

6th Dec 2001, 00:36
Well, it didn't look like a catastrophy, but, still, the aircraft was stopped on C4 taxiway just out of 25R and pax were taken out of the aircraft from that position.
When I came back from my stretch to FCO it was left in front of Sabena Technics hangar, with flaps extended. It really looked like a hyfraulic or flight contrlos problem

6th Dec 2001, 07:07
A bit silly really considering it has two hyd systems, and two great big props to stop it, they can be taxi'd with no noes wheel steering as well. Hmmm...
Got to be more serious.

Margaret Thatcher
6th Dec 2001, 15:59
Margaret Thatcher says:

At least he was assured of a priority landing (no other aircraft there).


6th Dec 2001, 20:13
Nice advice Margret, next time I'll be late on the schedule, I'll brake a couple of light bulbs and some wiring, It might help... :D :D :D

10th Dec 2001, 19:50
Did anyone read Flight International this week?...not very flattering for the Dash8-400Q... :p

10th Dec 2001, 19:57
Well.. Itīs not called the "Kinder-egg" for nothing.. Always a brand new surprise.. :D