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21st Apr 2001, 00:42
BA Chief Executive Rod Eddington today presented awards to all the Flight Crew and Cabin Crew involved in the BA2069 (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/011763.html) incident on 29 December 2000, a B747-400 bound from Gatwick to Nairobi.

Also receiving awards were the Flight Crew and Cabin Crew, who had been waiting at Nairobi airport for the next leg of the flight, for their help and assistance after the aircraft had landed.

Captain Bill Hagan, F/O Phil Watson and F/O Richard Webb, the Flight Crew of BA2069, each received the airline's highest accolade, a "Premier Award for Excellence".

To all those honoured today, a resounding WELL DONE.

21st Apr 2001, 01:01
How about an extra TWO months pay...and a WELL DONE!!

21st Apr 2001, 01:06
How about if the muppets in the cabin had been doing their job correctly in the first place, and the whole thing need not have happened? (Well done to the BA pilots concerned, for a job well done)

Captain Numpty
21st Apr 2001, 01:10
Hey Barcode......Were you there????

Engage you brain, before your GOB please KERMIT!!

To ALL those involved... well done!!!


21st Apr 2001, 01:23
Subsequent to the event was recieved very courteously on the FD on a NBO flight. I was delighted to see that it was still allowed. My congratulations to all concerned except perhaps the student in tourist affairs whose persecution complex drove him to attempt aerobatic endevours very early on in his putative aeronautical career. He should resist however the examples by the Misr flying club

21st Apr 2001, 01:54
Congratulations to you all, you deserve it!

21st Apr 2001, 17:15
PUKKA flying, Chaps!!!!!!!!!!!!

V Well done to all concerned!!!

But no Q.C.V.S.A. for co-pilot, though??? I think we should be told...............

PS: QCVSA is Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air. Awarded to yoke operators for saving A/C in extreemly difficult circumstances. Like recovery of B747 from stall/vertical dive at night whilst being pummeled by mad (sorry, disturbed) kenyan person......

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22nd Apr 2001, 05:20

I agree with you. Though it might have to wait till the next honours list though.

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