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Captain Correlli
15th Jan 2004, 21:42
As debate rages on and on about BA restructuring plans, about the debt mountain, about the profitability of the whole Company, spare a thought for us in BACX. Once very profitable, but somehow becoming lossmaking immediately after our purchase, and now being closed down in a wholesale and rapid fashion.

I had thought to make this a survey, but in any event, what is the general opinion over our future?

1. Sold off.

2. Integrated into BA like City Flyerexpress.

3. Allowed to go bust.

4. Laissez Faire, and continue losing money like our mainline colleagues until the banks pull the plug on the whole lot?

Can't think of any other options. Discuss.

16th Jan 2004, 00:58
How about European Division.:rolleyes:


dare I say it....


16th Jan 2004, 01:11
Wait til 23 January, then I guess we'll all find out.:{

16th Jan 2004, 16:01
The announcement on the 23th has nothing to do with BACX! It will deal mainly with re-organisation of SH LGW.

16th Jan 2004, 16:46
I hope 23rd will deal with a little more than just reorganisation at SH LGW or BA itself is doomed.

Jet II
16th Jan 2004, 20:21

Too true - if all Rod can do is tinker with issues on the periphary then the sooner he packs his bags and pushes off back to Oz the better.

If BA shut down LGW totally it would still be a loss-making shambles. However I have a suspicion that madmax100 may well be right and yet another chance to sort out the mess goes begging.

16th Jan 2004, 22:50
:{ The best thing BA could do with Citiexpress is admit that it has made a huge mistake in ever getting (back) into UK regional flying, handing the existing system back to its original owners and compensating the thousands of people whose lives have been thoroughly screwed by Evans and his bunch of incompetants - who should be summarily sacked from BA.

16th Jan 2004, 23:31
The Scottish ATP crews must be feeling fairly let down as well.

One year wet lease for a few ATPs with Logibear and then what?

17th Jan 2004, 18:16
The date of the anouncement has been put bak to the 28th

17th Jan 2004, 20:08

If that's true the pilots will have 3 days to consider their options, as the annual bid closes on the 31st.