View Full Version : BA divert to Keflavik

12th Jan 2004, 04:05
BA Boeing 767 coming from London, destination unknown, made an emergency landing in Keflavik Iceland at 18:17 local time. The captain declared an emergency at 17:20 because of smoke and a strong smell of fire in the passenger compartment. The landing was uneventful and the 165 passengers are in good spirit. The plane is going through normal check at the airport to find out the cause of the incident. This is the second emergency landing in a week at Keflavik airport, United 777 made an emergency landing there last week because of an reported engine fire and was due to leave to day after repairs. Looks like Keflavik is going to be a popular suprice stopover this year.

12th Jan 2004, 04:57
BA 229 into Baltimore BWI, the only BA 767 service to the USA today, is showing Cancelled on the BWI website.