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Bo Jingly
11th Jan 2004, 14:56
Hi chaps,

I'm just about to start my A340 course and wondered if there is a 'gross error check' you can do when checking the flight plan fuel?

Other company pilots have been told there isn't because of the mass of fuel involved, but that's what this site is here for. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Bo Jingly
13th Jan 2004, 14:34
Surely some burly A340 pilot has an answer to this?

I shall send it back to the top in hope


13th Jan 2004, 15:53
I assume that you are looking for a rough tonnes per hour rule of thumb.
Here is an extract from the Quick determination of Flt plan charts.
(Hope I have got them right, it is late here)

Based on Landing weight of 150,000kg. Speed M.82, zero component.

2000 nm sector at FL 350, zero component 26,000kg fuel, 4.24 hours. Works out to 6100/hour.

5000nm sector , 69,500kg fuel, 10.36 hours works out to 6700/hour.

The biggest variation from these numbers will be if you up the mach number otherwise they are rough numbers.
Personaly I just carried copies of the quick determination charts to check flight plans as the total fuel can vary quite a bit on a long trip when all the parameters are accounted for.
Hope this helps.

14th Jan 2004, 04:39
Bo - for any sector over 9 hours, I'd expect to see between 6.5 and 7 ton/hr. For sectors 6hrs to 9 hours it seems to work out between 6 and 6.5 t/hr.

Have never seen it below 6 ton/hr and very rarely above 7.

Hope that helps - good luck with the course. Are you doing it in Dubai, or experiencing the delights of Toulouse?


PS Am talking about the -300 here. The -600 is substantially higher.

Bo Jingly
14th Jan 2004, 04:48
Thanks innuendo and tired. That's what I wanted :)

As for the course tired, I don't have specific details yet, but I think it's the 500 (and 300). No 600's arrived yet.

Cheers again


14th Jan 2004, 07:48
If you are new to Airbus, as I was, one thing you might find useful is to get your hands on one of the reference booklets for abreviations or at least copy them from the manual to have handy. At times I felt as if I was learning a new language.
Funny that the instructors all seemed to have the small handy dandy editions, even they seemed to need them from time to time. I think you will like it though.

16th Jan 2004, 03:42
Bo Jingly,

DXB/SYD/DXB 8.5/hour

DXB/LGW/DXB 7.5/hour

SYD/AKL/DXB 7-7.5/hour

Very approx!



16th Jan 2004, 06:08
stormcloud - are you talking about the -500 there? It more or less ties up with what we get on the -600, so I assume you are. Way too high for the -300