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Dr Tre
9th Jan 2004, 23:29
Just a simple question for any of you BMi chaps (or anyone else who KNOWS the answer)

What is your AWOPS minima on the F100?

Assuming, of course, no degredation of aircraft or ground facilities.

Thanks :ok:

Yellow Sun
13th Jan 2004, 00:29
All bmi F100s and crews are approved for Cat 3a. However, 2 aircraft are Cat 3b capable but no approval is held for Cat 3b.


13th Jan 2004, 00:42
YS How is Cat3b defined in the F100? Does the aircraft have a dual–dual or a triple auto flight system; or is the approval only the DH / visibility minima when using a fail passive system?

Yellow Sun
13th Jan 2004, 01:11

Cat 3a - fail passive.

2 aircraft have the additional equipment required for Cat 3b, triple instead of dual IRS and electrical system mods. Those are the main differences, there are some other minor ones.

The 2x3b capable aircraft were acquired after the rest of the fleet, 3 F70s and 4 F100s at the time. To obtain 3b approval would have meant additional dedicated sim training for all crews just to utilise the capability of 2 out of 9 aircraft.


13th Jan 2004, 06:09
Thanks YS.
Interestingly some Avro RJs are certificated to 150 m RVR from 50ft DH; the aircraft uses a dual channel ‘super’ fail passive auto-flight system. There is little or no additional crew training except that in the lowest visibilities there is no option to land following a system disconnect, a go around must be flown.

The basis of the JAA approved operation is given in JAR-OPS 1 Subpart E (For aeroplanes certificated in accordance with JAR-AWO 321(b)(3) or equivalent) and is called Cat3b.