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7th Jun 2001, 22:49
Reported in the business section of the Western Morning News down here in Devon - Celtic Airways have been "evicted" from Plymouth city Airport as "their licence to operate from the offices was terminated"

"Airport managing director John Humphrey took the action "with immediate effect" for what he called "a substantial breach of the licence", which is believed to relate to unpaid rent."

The article continues, and includes financial info, which is taken from their published accounts, but not up to the minute. I haven't seen this story anywhere else.

If anybody would like the full story, I can send it.

8th Jun 2001, 11:00
Bummer http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif


Lightning ace
8th Jun 2001, 11:31
Yes I would be most interested to see the facts.
email me : [email protected]

Airborne Hamster
10th Jun 2001, 05:50
As I said a month or two ago,regarding this Operator,be very careful.

A good friend of mine was well and truely screwed by them over a timespan of years.

The Guvnor
10th Jun 2001, 10:48
It's a pity they didn't get themselves up and running - I met most of their senior management team and they seemed nice enough people. One major problem, though - no one with any real airline management experience!

Their business plan was also somewhat questionable as they seemed to want to have a two base operation - MME and ORK with no aircraft actually based in PLY!

Still, I know John Orpin spent a lot of money on this and he was of course hoping to start operating at the end of the summer. My commiserations to those affected.

16th Jun 2001, 20:05
Wow, what a cheek Guvnor!
YOU, berating others for "no one with any real airline management experience!" and a "business plan was also somewhat questionable".
Ha! From what we've all seen of you that's what you look at in the mirror every morning!

17th Jun 2001, 12:47
Pity about Celtic.

Funny comment from Who? though.


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