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flyin' fuhh...
7th Jan 2004, 08:16
A DL flight from CDG to CVG this evening was escorted in by fighter jets and parked remote, all passengers screened, etc....

Apparently a passenger wearing a jacket full of wires that turned out to be a heated motorcycling jacket that plugs into a motorcycle battery somehow was the cause of all the fuss.

Don't have the full story, just a news blip, but it seems they could've simply left the jacket (and the passenger) in CDG, doesn't it?

Recently, why have authorities insisted on cancelling entire flights instead of simply not permitting a questionable passenger(s) and their baggage to board?

7th Jan 2004, 08:29

According to this CNN article, the passenger WAS taken off DL43 she was examined, found safe, then put on another one to Cincinatti.

Apparently after all of this, DL43 still got fighter escort while the statement about passengers not allowed to leave their seats is troubling to say the least.

I am thinking that the examination of the jacket must have been concluded much before the aircraft was even close to landing.

The only justification I can see is if this passenger was thought off as a "diversion" from the rest off the passengers which contained further terrorists.

A bit paranoid in my opinion if everything is as the article states.

Let's see if anything new arises.

7th Jan 2004, 11:12
What's this reason and waiting BS?

Fascist Americans! World Ending! Tearing up Constitution! Police State! HITLER!

Oh. Right. It happened in France. :hmm:

flyin' fuhh...
7th Jan 2004, 18:52
"They also said that passengers were informed about an hour and 20 minutes into the flight from Paris that there was a "security situation" and they could not leave their seats. Anyone needing to use the restroom had to have an escort, they said. "


8th Jan 2004, 01:21
According to CNN,

"Sources said the woman was a 22-year-old Saudi electrical engineer carrying a Jordanian passport. Her nationality, passport and occupation, along with the wires in her jacket, all were factors that raised concerns."

I bet they would....