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Evening Star
20th Jul 2001, 02:53
From the BBC news website [http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/business/newsid_1446000/1446592.stm]:

The UK marketing agency behind the creation of the One-2-One brand has been brought in to improve Aeroflot's image.

The Russian airline, often the butt of jokes and not a byword for the best of in-flight service, has hired Identica to change the public perceptions of it.

It has been reported that Identica won the contract after persuading Aeroflot that it should concentrate on "people not planes".

Identica has previously worked with major UK companies such as Vodafone and Powergen, and was behind the rebranding of Mercury Communications into One-to-One.

Aeroflot's commercial director Yevgeny Bachurin said: "This rebranding is very important to Aeroflot - and I am delighted that a company of Identica's international standing will be working alongside us to achieve our commercial objectives."

Identica's reported strategy of focusing on people is a one approved of by John Noble, director of the British Brands Group.

"You need to start with the people who use the airline" he said. "[Aeroflot] needs to build a meaningful rapport with its customers."

But he doesn't think the airline needs to do anything as drastic as changing its name.

"Skoda demonstrates how you can turn a brand around without re-naming."

Despite Aeroflot's poor image the airline is profitable and is currently updating its ageing fleet.

It also has a good safety record. Recent figures from the International Civil Aviation Authority showed that Aeroflot's air safety record is better than the global average.

Aeroflot may also be taking a more aggressive role within the industry. Recent reports suggested it was considering a bid for the Irish airline Aer Lingus.